26 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools for Research, Feedback, Analytics & More in 2024

Driving traffic to your website is just the first step in sustaining your business. You must reliably convert those visitors into customers, and that’s where conversion rate optimization tools come in.

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The list below outlines many helpful conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools to help you gain new customers and improve your bottom line.

From high-level changes like landing page and email design and inspiration to in-depth insights into how your visitors navigate your content, these tools will help you turn your site into a conversion machine.

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To help you understand the tools and their uses, we’ve also broken this list into a few major categories:

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Lead Capture Tools

You will use these tools to capture more leads on your site, thus improving your CRO analytics.

While most conversion-focused content has a built-in form or call-to-action (CTA), these tools act as additional lead capture mechanisms to boost the number of leads that convert on your content.

1. HubSpot

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It’s Google Analytics meets SumoMe meets a CRM. Sounds cool, right? It starts with an exit intent pop-up CTA, then syncs with your website’s existing forms to learn about your site visitors and their path through your pages.

HubSpot’s tools give you in-depth contact insights on prospects and current contacts in your database.

It also pairs its contacts database with a dashboard that shows you a high-level view of which marketing efforts are paying off and converting and which ones aren’t.

What we like: HubSpot is an all-in-one solution that allows you to convert customers and nurture them throughout their entire lifecycle. The CTA Tool will enable you to create conversion points for leads in seconds.

Pricing: Free

2. HelloBar

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HelloBar is a lead capture tool that allows you to add a pop-up form to your website to grow your email list, promote your social pages, showcase a sale, or other lead generation strategies.

The free version allows you to create one modal that’s shown to every 10th visitor. However, premium plans offer more advanced CTA options. Pop-up styles range from bars, modals, alerts, sliders, and full-page takeovers.

What we like: Hello Bar’s practical and easy-to-use pop-ups are backed by analytics and optimization features.


  • Starter — Free
  • Growth — $29 a month
  • Premium — $49 a month
  • Elite — $99 a month

3. Sumo

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Sumo offers a suite of free tools to help you increase your site conversions. For lead capture, it provides a “Welcome Mat” pop-up CTA, a “Smart Bar” to increase email subscribers, a scroll-triggered box, and a “Contact Us” form.

Along with their Google Analytics research tools, the Sumo suite helps you gain on-page insights and increase your email list.

Best for: Small- to medium-sized ecommerce businesses looking for an all-encompassing suite of CRO tools.


  • Free plan available
  • Pro — $39 a month

4. Picreel

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Picreel is a versatile conversion rate optimization tool that helps capture leads and maximize conversions through engaging pop-ups.

The tool’s exit-intent technology lets you target leaving visitors with attractive offers and convince them to share their contact details.

The data collected is automatically pushed to your integrated CRM account, where leads can be nurtured and converted.

The exit overlays can be enriched with personalized messages based on visitors’ click behavior and previous purchases.

What we like: Picreel features many useful integrations with CRMs, like HubSpot and Salesforce, and email marketing systems, such as MailChimp and Adobe Marketo Engage.

Pricing: $49.97 a month

Research Tools

Before you create any content, call upon these tools to draw inspiration and check out what other intelligent marketers have seen success with in the past.

5. BuzzSumo

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The best content gets shared and linked the most. So, what better way to gain preliminary insights than to compile all of the most shared content on your particular topic?

With BuzzSumo, all you have to do is enter the keyword or topic. Then, it’ll pull together the most shared and linked content on that topic. Time frames range from the last day, week, month, or year.

So if you’re trying to optimize the landing page for your new webinar on cat fashion, all you have to do is enter “cat fashion.” BuzzSumo will then give you the best articles, resources, videos, and more on the fascinating topic of cat couture.

BuzzSumo also features a keyword tool, trend analysis, and other valuable features to supercharge your content research and CRO.

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Best for: Content marketers looking to stay on trend and ahead of the competition.


  • Basic — $119 a month
  • Content Creation — $249 a month
  • PR & Comms — $249 a month
  • Suite — $499 a month
  • Enterprise — $999 a month

6. SimilarWeb

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Knowing where your website visitors come from can (and should) significantly impact the type of content you create.

With SimilarWeb, you can see where your traffic is coming from, which keywords fuel your organic traffic, and what other sites are most similar to yours.

You can also compare analytics to determine the website conversion optimization by looking over data.

With this information, you can optimize content for your most significant traffic sources and dig in to see what competitor sites are doing to drive conversions.

Best for: Teams with a generous marketing intelligence budget looking for best-in-class digital traffic data.


  • Starter — $125 a user per month
  • Professional — $333 a user per month
  • Team — pricing upon request
  • Enterprise — Pricing upon request

7. Land-book

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Getting started can be difficult if you’re creating a landing page from scratch.

Luckily, there’s Land-book, a free collection of the web’s best-designed landing pages.

With Land-book, you can explore how top companies use copy, positioning, layout, and design to drive conversions. Pick and choose your favorite elements from the Land-book database and incorporate them into your landing page.

Pro tip: Land-book has more than just landing pages. Use the site’s filters to view blogs, stores, portfolios, and other pages. You can even sort by industry, color, typography, and style.

Pricing: Free

8. Really Good Emails

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In today’s marketing landscape, if you want to get your message across, you’d better know a thing or two about visual communication and design.

Don’t know a thing or two about either? Enter Really Good Emails.

Like Land-book, Really Good Emails is a database of the web’s best-designed emails from the world’s most innovative companies.

Use this as a resource to see how you can design your email to get your message across in the best way possible, as fast as possible.

(Check out this post for even more resources to find great marketing examples.)

Best for: Email marketers and designers looking for inspiration on their upcoming blasts.

Pricing: Free

9. SubjectLine.com

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When sending an email, the subject line can either make or break your performance. Before you choose which one to send, check them out using this excellent resource.

SubjectLine.com has tested over 15 million subject lines and has a tool to evaluate your potential options. It gives a deliverability and marketing score, plus advice on improving.

What we like: Their new ChatGPT integration lets you leverage the power of AI to create compelling subject lines, even when you have writer’s block.

Pricing: Free

10. Attrock Headline Analyzer

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Attrock’s Headline Analyzer is a tool that helps you analyze the effectiveness of your headlines by giving them a score between 1 and 100.

It looks at the headline type, readability, sentiment analysis, and more to help you create a click-worthy headline for your pages.

The tool also suggests improvements that you can make to your current headline to improve its score, which, in turn, can help drive more significant traffic to the page and boost conversions.

Best for: Content marketers who want to ensure their headlines are click-worthy and optimized for SEO.

Pricing: Free

11. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

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CoSchedule’s headline analyzer gives a score of 1–100 to gauge the effectiveness of titles. The score is calculated based on word usage, grammar, vocabulary, type of headline, and character and word count.

The tool shows you your headline on Google and in an email subject line. This tool is a great litmus test to determine how well your headline will perform.

Pro tip: Consider running your headline through both CoSchedule and Attrock’s headline analyzer tools to determine the most valuable results.

Pricing: Free

CRO Analytics Tools

You will use these tools to measure and track your content’s performance.

You can use CRO analytics to comprehensively analyze your conversion rate’s dips, jumps, and fluctuations.

12. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is a powerful analytics tool that illuminates people’s behaviors on your website and lets you leverage that data to increase revenue.

Image Source

With Kissmetrics, you can learn the path your customers have taken through your website. You can also conduct A/B tests, build data sets (without SQL), perform website conversion optimization, and assess the ROI from your campaigns.

What we like: Simplicity. Kissmetrics empowers non-technical teams with insights and analytics that increase conversions.


  • Silver — $199 a month
  • Gold — $499 a month
  • Platinum — Custom pricing

13. Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a free way to track your website visitors. You can see how long it takes visitors to bounce from your pages, if they complete goals from a specific path, and which sources bring people to your website.

What’s great about Google Analytics is that it lets you see which keywords people use to find your page, what devices they’re searching on, and uncover demographic data.

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However, no specific emails or contact information are associated with your site visitors.

Pro tip: Google Analytics free tools are incredibly useful for 99.99% of teams. Their premium offering, Analytics 360, is costly and only recommended for large enterprises.


  • Free
  • Enterprise pricing upon request

14. HubSpot Website Grader

Website Grader is a great way to get a quick snapshot of a website’s overall performance.

It gives insights into performance factors (speed, page size, and page requests), mobile responsiveness and appearance, SEO (page titles, meta descriptions, headings, and site map), and security.

It’s great for website conversion optimization.

From there, the tool devises a grade and provides suggestions on improving, making it easy to come up with some quick wins that’ll help you boost conversions.

What we like: HubSpot’s tool not only shows areas for improvement but it also offers actionable suggestions to make them better.

Pricing: Free

Mouse Tracking and Heat Mapping Tools

You will use these tools to see how people interact with your content, including how they scroll and where they click.

15. Hotjar

Image Source

Once you’ve nailed the basics, like landing pages, CTAs, pop-ups, and content, you’re ready for more advanced conversion rate optimization.

Hotjar offers heatmaps and screen recordings. They enable you to track how much your page is viewed and how visitors navigate your website.

Hotjar also offers analytics to see how well your pages are performing. This is helpful to see what’s working and what you can change to increase conversion.

Pro tip: Use heatmaps to visualize where your users click, move, and scroll, and use that information to place conversion points in attention-grabbing areas


  • Basic — Free
  • Plus — $32 a month
  • Business — $80 a month
  • Scale — $171 a month

16. Mouseflow

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Website design and conversion rate optimization are entirely based on how you understand your target customer. With Mouseflow, you see where users are engaging or dropping off on your site and identify areas of frustration.

In addition to conversion funnels and session replay, Mouseflow offers a full suite of tools, including heatmaps, form analytics, and feedback.

By using these tools, you can better understand your visitors and make the necessary changes to improve your conversion rate.

What we like: The Friction Score feature helps you quickly identify user frustration on your site to improve UX, better UI, and ultimately increase conversions.


  • Free plan
  • Starter — $31 a month
  • Growth — $109 a month
  • Business — $219 a month
  • Pro — $399 a month
  • Contact for enterprise pricing

17. Contentsquare (formerly Clicktale)

Image Source

Contentsquare (formerly known as Clicktale) is similar to Hotjar.

It offers heat maps to help you determine the most valuable real estate on your pages, scroll depth (where is the “fold” on your website?), click tracking, link analysis, and much more.

Using these tools, you’ll have the information you need to organize content, CTAs, and page design in a way that makes the most sense for engagement. They also offer AI-powered insights that give automatic alerts and recommendations.

Best for: Organizations looking to invest in improving user experience on their site.

Pricing: Upon request

18. Clicky

Image Source

Clicky gives you real-time analytics on the visitors to your website. It tells you where people access your site, how long they’ve stayed on each page, and how many visitors are online. The resource also offers heat maps and scroll tracking.

Clicky is an excellent one-stop shop for customer behavior. You’ll have multiple formats at your disposal to leverage for optimizing the performance of your website — so you can convert as many leads as possible.

What we like: Clicky’s Spy feature gives you a real-time stream of visitor activity on your website. Real time, as in right now!


  • Free plan
  • Pro — $9.99 a month
  • Pro Plus — $14.99 a month
  • Pro Platinum -— $19.99 a month
  • Enterprise pricing upon request

19. Crazy Egg

Image Source

Crazy Egg offers a full suite of heat maps and click tracking, with the additional functionality of segmenting clicks by source and evaluating link effectiveness.

The basic package is relatively inexpensive and gives significant insights into how effective each website page is.

Best for: Companies that value a user-friendly interface in their website and conversion rate optimization tools.


  • Basic — $29 month
  • Standard — $49 month
  • Plus — $99 month
  • Pro — $249 month
  • Enterprise pricing upon request

20. Heatmap.com

Image Source

Heatmap.com is, as you may have guessed, another heat mapping and analytics tool designed to help you improve your website’s usability with actionable insights.

Heatmap.com offers real-time analytics to better understand what areas of your site are getting the most attention and which are causing user frustration and bottlenecks.

What we like: Heatmap.com’s AI-modeling features help identify areas of your site that are Revenue Drivers and Conversion Killers so you can take action in real time.


  • Basic — $47 a month
  • Business — $89 a month
  • Enterprise pricing upon request

Feedback Tools

You’ll use these tools to engage and receive feedback from your visitors.

Feedback tools include surveys, polls, messaging, and user testing programs.

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21. Intercom

Image Source

Intercom is a popular conversion platform that allows companies to communicate directly with website visitors through easy-to-install and attractive pop-up chat windows.

As a CRO analytics tool, you can use Intercom to communicate with website prospects to learn if they need additional help, find out how their experience is going, and understand how you can improve.

It also allows you to track leads and use a shared inbox with your team.

Best for: Teams that want to engage more directly with their website visitors.


  • Starter — $74 a month
  • Pro — custom pricing
  • Premium — custom pricing

22. Qualaroo

Image Source

Qualaroo is a powerful user feedback tool that lets you deploy chat windows and targeted feedback questionnaires directly in your website or mobile app.

The Qualaroo tool is helpful at all stages of the funnel and is frequently used in ecommerce.

Advanced targeting features allow you to ask the right users the right questions at the right time, which is paramount for CRO.

Other features include branching logic, design customization, and sentiment analysis with its built-in IBM Watson integration.

Best for: Businesses looking to leverage qualitative insights and user feedback to optimize conversions


  • Essentials — $69 a month
  • Premium — $149 a month
  • Business — $299 a month

23. SurveyMonkey

Image Source

SurveyMonkey is a powerhouse in the survey software space. They provide easy-to-use tools to create, deploy, analyze, and manage custom surveys.

SurveyMonkey helps you gather qualitative customer data to inform decisions on web page design, copy, user experience, and more.

What we like: SurveyMonkey’s skip-logic feature allows you to customize a survey based on a respondent’s previous answers, asking the right questions and improving CRO.


Team Plans

  • Team Advantage — $25 a user per month
  • Team Premier — $75 a user per month
  • Enterprise pricing upon request

Individual Plans

  • Advantage — $39 a month
  • Standard — $99 a month
  • Premier — $119 a month

24. UsabilityHub

Image Source

UsabilityHub offers a suite of creative tools that give you insight into the user experience of your website, which is extremely valuable for CRO.

They provide navigation tests and funnel visualizations to identify where users drop off, heat maps, first-click testing, and more.

UsabilityHub is a valuable tool for organizations looking to go deep in usability research to optimize conversion.

What we like: Their Five Second Test tool helps you understand a user’s first impression of your site, which is critical for CRO.


  • Free plan available
  • Basic — $89 a month
  • Pro — $199 a month
  • Enterprise pricing upon request

Experiment Tools

You’ll use these tools to manage, plan, and execute A/B and multivariate tests.

Some of these tools will help you turn ideas into experiments, while others will help you create the variations and run the actual tests on your site.

25. Optimizely

Testing is hard.

You must develop a suitable control group, find a large sample, and determine if your experiment is statistically significant.

Luckily, Optimizely helps with all of that and more.

With Optimizely, you conduct tests across all devices and platforms, then determine significance. The software offers A/B, multiple-page, and multivariate tests.

Image Source

Optimizely’s software gives you a full, robust test results report (example above).

Whether it’s coming up with a new headline, swapping in a new CTA, or rearranging your page layout, Optimizely allows you to test those changes and assess their impact on conversions.

Best for: Businesses focusing on experimentation who want to make data-informed decisions.

Pricing: Available upon request

26. Effective Experiments

Image Source

Effective Experiments offers a centralized space for your CRO experimentation efforts. If you have tons of Excel spreadsheets cross-referenced with Google Analytics data, you’re probably going crazy trying to keep track of everything.

This tool puts it all together and helps you determine statistical significance.

Best for: CRO teams looking to consolidate insights across multiple tools into a single, easy-to-use platform


  • Know — $125 a month
  • Flow — $255 a month
  • Show — $319 a month
  • Grow — contact for pricing

How to Shop for Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

It can be hard to shop for the best conversion rate optimization tools, so we gathered together these five tips to keep in mind:

  1. Sign up for trials before making a decision.
  2. Be thorough when searching for reviews.
  3. Go for quality, not quantity, when it comes to price.
  4. Ask other marketers what they are using.
  5. Read reports from other companies about CRO.

The Benefits of CRO Analytics Tools

There are several benefits of selecting CRO analytics tools. Some include:

  • Being able to track ROI effectively.
  • Using tools to create an engaging headline.
  • Capture customer leads.
  • Collect marketing research data.

Now, you’re armed and ready to start improving conversion rates across your website conversion optimization and marketing efforts.

These tools range from free and for beginners to robust and more advanced. Feel out which options seem right for you, and soon, you’ll be upgrading to the more complex tools when you’ve mastered the basics.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in July 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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