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This Aarke sparkling water machine is a showpiece of design and engineering ingenuity. All of our fizzy water taps and dispensers can be bought or rented from us. With maintenance and servicing included, your rented tap will be reliable and maintained. Find the answers to your frequently asked questions about sparkling water dispensers below. These will commonly have a place for a fuel box or a small candle to place underneath the dispenser, which helps keep liquids hot. For cold drinks, you can place ice inside an ice cylinder if the unit has one, or place ice directly inside the dispenser.

  • This dispenser is not meant for outdoor gatherings — and please don’t place it on a rolling bar cart.
  • This quick and easy-to-operate maker includes Fizz Infuser tech that makes it safe to use without electricity or batteries.
  • The glass container also makes it a great choice when you want to set up multiple drinks.
  • If a handheld soda maker is right for you, however, you likely already know why.
  • Carbon removes chlorine, sediment, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), taste, and any odor to the water.

The best handheld soda maker we tested carbonates with one twist-on motion and produces satisfying, though not particularly long-lasting, bubbles on the go. As a calorie-free and sugar-free beverage, it serves as a guilt-free alternative to soda and other sugary drinks, helping you stay on track with your health goals. Plus, if you’re struggling to reach your daily hydration quota, sipping on a carbonated beverage can make it easier and more enjoyable to quench your thirst than plain water alone. With colorful cans and bottles lining the shelves of supermarkets and convenience stores, it seems like everyone is drinking it. With the sales of carbonated water growing year over year, according to Market Data Forecast, we do notice one thing – each plastic bottle sold contributes to the waste epidemic. SodaStream has teamed up with the bubly sparkling water brand on a limited-edition soda maker that includes the water maker, a carbonator, one BPA-free reusable carbonating bottle, and cherry flavored bubly drops.

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How do sparkling water coolers work?

One reviewer calls the system “awesome,” while others rave about how easy and convenient this seltzer- and soda-making system is to use. If you would like to understand how this affects you as a customer, please contact our customer service team. The BackTap also has backpack straps, so you can throw the unit over your shoulders and hit the road, or you can carry it by the attached metal handle. Its portable nature means it’s great for the beach, tailgates, road trips, and more. Plus, it’s available in six different colorways, ranging from a red and black swirl to denim. When you purchase the equipment, it includes maintenance, managed by our qualified technicians.

BRITA VIVREAU Top Pro Sparkling Water Dispenser

Our full maintenance and six-monthly filter change program, included as standard will keep your water dispenser in perfect working order. Quench sparkling water dispensers are completely safe so long as they are correctly serviced and maintained. We also offer Firewall® technology, antimicrobial surface protection, and touchless options for added safety when using a Quench dispenser. Provide your staff and customers with only the purest water by selecting a Quench sparkling water cooler. Select a rental plan which includes installation, regular servicing, and maintenance, and make easy monthly payments over a fixed period.

The soda lime glass body will have a signature blue-greenish tint, and the base and lid are made from acacia wood. While the glass is durable, it’s not great with large temperature variations, so don’t put hot liquids inside to avoid a mess on your hands. The top of the drink dispenser sits inside the drink dispenser snugly, although we should note that it is not an air-tight fit like you find with suction lids.

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